domingo, febrero 18, 2007

Iron Maiden: Wildest Dreams

La canción en cuestión es flojilla, pero la letra es bastante apropiada ahora...

I'm Gonna Organise Some Changes In My Life
I'm Gonna Exorcise The Demons Of My Past
I'm Gonna Take The Car And Hit The Open Road
I'm Feeling Ready To Just Open Up And Go!

And I Just Feel I Can Be Anything...
That I Might ever wish To Be
And Find Myself Just Where I Wanna Be
Make My Wildest Dreams Come True!

I'm On My Way!
Out On My Own Again
I'm On My Way!
Out On The Road Again
When I Remember Back To How Bad Things Just Used To Be
And I Was Stuck Inside a Shroud Of Misery
I Found I'd Disappeared So Deep Inside Myself
I Couldn't Find a Way To Break Away the Hell

When I'm Feeling Down And Low
I vow I'll Never Be The Same Again
I Just Remember What I Am
And Visualise Just What I'm Gonna Be
I´m On My Way!
Out On My Own Again
I´m On My Way!
I'm Gonna Break Away

1 comentario:

Vampi dijo...

Dios... adoro esa cancion!

yo solía oirla cuando iba en el coche, camino de ninguna parte, alejandome de todo, escapando... aunque solo fuera por un fin de semana.

Me alegro de que tu tambien le hayas encontrado el punto!